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Incoming Chaos has arrived!

2016-03-07 18:16:31 by mikehero

Incoming Chaos is a series of PB2 map levels, 

Incoming Chaos tells the story of a resistance group trying to defend the Earth of alien invasion led by Boss Falkok
in the first chapter, a civil security team is fighting the aliens in space, Sigma team led by a captain plans to regroup with the Alpha Team on Earth, along with a pilot of a ship they face Boss Falkok

the second chapter narrates the fight of resistance on earth

Ep2.The Ubergrounds Saga

2016-02-05 11:51:05 by mikehero

episode 2 is now at deviantart check it out


and now like always...

in the next episode... the team manages to find the plans! however... Ubergrounds strikes in full strength. the spy escapes but he's captured during his fight with one of the uberkids, Pico Team has a familiar encounter with Major A.Ole who disappeared, there's an other episode that involves the interrogation with the spy.

the next episodes of Newgrounds Heroes will be:

Episode 3:The War to Restore Order

Episode 3.5:Ubergrounds...Again

My OC: Kleiara-Kana Treynshem

2016-02-01 13:32:27 by mikehero

i made an character for the series 

how about checking it at deviantart

here's the link


about the series: it is inspired on superfighters game

so i decided to make a project: an series with the same name as the game ("Superfighters")

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More Problems...

2016-01-31 15:41:36 by mikehero

i have bad news

the Episode 2 of Ubergrounds Saga must wait a little more, there's a problem

my computer has broken and my family has not enough money to repair it, we are using another computer!

so i must need more time, if all else fails all of my hope of continuing my fanfiction will be lost

Hello Again Folks

2016-01-04 10:12:03 by mikehero

i returned after some months (or years) of absence

because my computer had some problems and my brother has to solve it, anyway i have to return to my routine 

while i'm playing Marvel:Avengers Alliance i was seen many animations in newgrounds 

i finished 2/3 of Newgrounds Heroes Episode 2 of Ubergrounds Saga, i'm still guessing some ideas to make awesome fanfictions, i shall do this in secret, i must prevent The Kitty Krew from stealing my ideas 


Synopsis: The Ubergrounds Saga

2015-06-23 13:59:38 by mikehero

Episode 2: Attack of Ubergrounds

after talking to Nene, Pico,Darnell and Captain solves to kill all Uberkids in Portal City,Wade Team arrives to Newgrounds HQ and reinforces Tom Fulp and the others,after tracing Wasabi Viper's location,Nene join Pico and Darnell to track down Viper and retrieve the Ubergrounds Secret Plans containing the info about X-BOT's weak point,Meanwhile, Ubergrounds: the Newgrounds arch-nemesis starts the attack at Groove Street, However...an mysterious orange-head man appears at the top of the building, Pico and the others must retrieve the plans before Ubergrounds finds it!

Episode 1.5: An Unexpected Love 

the episode starts at hospital,where Nene is recovering from fatal wounds taken from the last fight against Alucard,Pico visits her and talks about the day where Nene and him were together, Nene with her happiness shares her hot kiss with Pico, 15 minutes later...Pico heads to the heliport where Darnell and Captain is waiting!

Newgrounds Heroes: 1st episode

2015-05-16 20:48:45 by mikehero

the wait is over, finally came the first episode of newgrounds heroes
however, this is the first episode of " Ubergrounds Saga" the second saga will be "The Wadolf Saga" will be before the first saga events, and the third saga will be "The Kitty Krew Saga" I still wrote the script, but the third saga will occur after the first saga

check out the first episode at deviantart


the next episode involves the heroes (Pico, Darnell and Captain) fighting the Uberkids the streets, the location of the mysterious Wasabi Viper, the arrival of Wade Team, and the onslaught of Ubergrounds
meanwhile, there will be another episode that occur before the second episode
involving the kiss of Pico and Nene in hospital
The Next Episode of Newgrounds Heroes, will be:
Episode 1.5: An Unexpected Love
Episode 2: Attack Of Ubergrounds


A little problem

2015-05-12 18:00:30 by mikehero

Ladies and gentlemen
unfortunately there was a problem factor in relation to the next episode of my fan fiction
I could have published before ... but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control
My files were deleted by some asshole
called '' TerrorMortal '' also known as my brother lucas
I'll have to start all over again
so I need everyone to have patience

Pico, Darnell and Nene were contacted by Commander Thomas Huggings about a unprecedented threat in New York skies, Major A.Ole was sent to investigate the explosion in the city but mysteriously disappeared, however he left a message saying he saw a giant robot attack and a Uberkids horde of invading the Queens district giving birth to a war between Uberkids and members of the ghetto!
amid all this, the Newgrounds HQ was attacked for no reason
it's up to Tom Fulp and his friends to investigate the incident!